Below is an excerpt from Dean Speedie Regarding Accreditation Results for the University of Minnesota College of Pharmacy

Faculty, staff and students:

We have received the final written report with final ratings from ACPE. I am very pleased to announce that our college has been awarded a full eight years of accreditation.

ACPE found our college to be compliant on all 30 standards, but requested monitoring of four standards:

  • Standard 2: Strategic plan – ACPE requested a copy of the college’s new strategic plan.
  • Standard 9: The Goal of the Curriculum – ACPE requested a detailed description of the college’s progress regarding full implementation of the new curriculum.
  • Standard 14: Pharmacy Practice Experiences – ACPE requested a detailed description of the college’s progress to ensure that the full expectations for 300 hours of IPPE as outlined in the Standards are addressed, specifically the changes in IPPE simulation needed to comply with the expectations of the Standards. ACPE also requested a detailed description, including documentation, that the modifications to the Acute Care/Institutional APPE rotations ensure that students complete at least 4 weeks (160 hours) of institutional APPE as required by the Standards.
  • Standard 22: Student Representation and Perspectives – ACPE requested a brief description of the college’s progress to ensure timely communication of IPPE and APPE assignments to students.

Work is already underway to address the issues with Standards 14 and 22. Over the past month, several working groups have been meeting to develop and implement a plan with which to respond to ACPE’s recommendations on these standards. I will share more with you as we progress in these areas.

Thank you again to everyone who participated in preparing the self study and meeting with the site team during their visit

Great job everyone!