Top left to right: Annette Lundberg, Matt Sullivan, Andrea Buckalew

Second Row: Danika Dickerson, Erika Wehmhoff, Jessi  Coryell

Third Row: Yumeko Nielsen, Hannah Bakke, Betsy Madole
Bottom row: Marjorie Schleper, Emily Pope, Emily Campbell

Board Members

President: Emily Pope

Vice President: Betsy Madole

Treasurer: Emily Campbell

Secretary: Andrea Buckalew

Faculty Advisor: Laura Molgaard

Class Representatives

1st Year: Matt Sullivan, Jessi Coryell

2nd Year:  Emily Pope, Emily Campbell

3rd Year: Annette Lundberg, Marjorie Schelper

4th Year: Kalli Doenges, Keri Hartle

Student Council Representatives

1st year: Erika Wehmhoff (2 yr), Hannah Blakke (1 yr)

2nd year: Andrea Buckalew (2  yr), Betsy Madole (1 yr)

3rd year: Danika Dickerson (2 yr), Yumeko Nielsen (1  yr)

4th year: Jennifer Groetsch (2 yr), Ariel Carlson (1 yr)


CVM Curriculum and Educational Policy Committee  – Advisor: Dr. Laura Molgaard

Position Name
First Year Rep Tracy Wimmer
Second Year Rep Nicole Sylvestre
Third Year Rep Katherine Dawson
Fourth Year Rep Kayla Klehr


Honor Case Commission – Advisor: Dr. Cathy Carlson

Position Name
Chair Maris Jahnke
Vice Chair Keri Hartle
Secretary Ellie Engelen
First Year Rep David Pillman (2 yr)
First Year Rep Channing Bancroft (1 yr)
First Year Rep Samantha Shick (alt)
Second Year Rep Keri Hartle (2 yr)
Second Year Rep Amber Indoccio (1 yr)
Second Year Rep Lucy Hancock (alt)
Third Year Rep Maris Jahnke (2 yr)
Third Year Rep Elizabeth Engelen (1 yr)
Third Year Rep Nicole Strachan (alt)
Fourth Year Rep Amber Glieden-Jones


Center for Health Interprofessional Programs (CHIP) – Advisor: Gina Kundan

Position Name
First Year Rep Alyssa Gohr
Second Year Rep Alexandra Ripperger
Third Year Rep Jordan Young
Fourth Year Rep Sara Ford


PSG Congress

Position Name
First Year Primary Emily Caldis
First Year Alternate Victoria Shelor
Second Year Primary Elise Sanchez


Academic Health Center Committee – Jamie Dean