About the Public Affairs Student Association (PASA)

The mission of the Public Affairs Student Association is to represent, inform, and engage the student body both inside and outside the Humphrey School. PASA also provides funds to A) support new student organizations and B) to support students with initiatives that will mutually benefit society as well as the Humphrey community.

PASA has two Representatives in the PSG Congress and one Public Affairs Seat on the PSG Supreme Court.

PASA Passes Resolution on Whose Diversity?

Public Affairs Student Association Resolution Urging the Office of Student Conduct and Academic Integrity to Drop Charges Against Members of Whose Diversity?

On the morning of November 4th 2015, with a majority of 11-3-0, the Public Affairs Student Association (PASA) passed a Position Statement to request the University-wide administration drop charges against students in the Whose Diversity? (WD?) sit-in that took place in February. The sit-in was the result of the administration’s failure to meet the demands of the autonomous collective seeking the eradication of structural inequity towards people of color, first generation (im)migrants, differently-abled folks, people of various spiritual beliefs, Indigenous people and GLBTQ people. Although students have already been jailed and fined, the University administration continues to press disciplinary charges against Rahsaan Mahadeo and David Melendez on the basis of their violation of the code of conduct and unprofessional behaviour. The ambiguity around what the University administration defines as unprofessional behaviour and disorderly conduct puts into question the code itself.

The Position Statement represents the perspectives and support of the WD? way of thinking by fellow students and student groups such as the Gender, Sex, and Policy Event Committee (GSPEC) and the Humphrey Students of Color Association (HSOCA) who value dissent, as a means of progress toward social equity. Let the student body be reminded that within these same walls, the first occupation of Morril Hall in 1969 resulted in the adoption of demands promoting diversity at the time including the creation of the African American Studies Department at the University of Minnesota. This momentous event embodies the need for historically underrepresented communities to be able to peacefully protest to bring about systemic change. As a public affairs school, it is in the interest of PASA that the administration drop charges against the two students and support critically engaged students by upholding freedom of speech and assembly. This statement and the collaborations that created it represent one step toward acknowledging our individual and collective role in generating meaningful change. The Position Statement will be submitted to the Professional Student Government (PSG) and subject to voting on Tuesday the 10th of November at 5:30pm in the Coffman Board Room 307.

How you can get involved:

  • From now until the 10th provide feedback using this link after you read the statement.
  • Reach out to collaborators, PASA reps and supporters of the Statement to find more information.
  • We encourage student groups on campus to develop their own Position Statements in solidarity with the cause.
  • Join us and engage in the discussion around the Position Statement at the PSG Meeting this Tuesday.


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