PASA is pleased to offer a dedicated source of funds for all Humphrey students. PASA created this fund to A) support new student organizations and B) to support students with initiatives that will mutually benefit society as well as the Humphrey community.

Funding requests will be reviewed on a first come, first serve basis. A strong proposal will display one or more of the following qualities:
1) New student groups and events sponsored by new groups that have not had previous funding.
2) Events or initiatives that aim to increase participation from the diverse Humphrey Community surrounding issues that do not have an active platform to be addressed.
3) Groups with previously successful events where it can be demonstrated that funds were utilized efficiently and student participation goals were met.
4) Proposals that have a clearly defined asking amount and it is demonstrated that the group has reviewed available funds.

Student Initiative Funds are intended for groups, activities, and events that do not have an alternative funding source. Each degree program has a PASA representative and a budget that can be accessed to sponsor events or initiatives that are aimed at your specific program. Please contact your representative for more information about utilizing these funds.

All requests submitted using the form below will be reviewed by PASA at the next General Meeting. After submitting the form, the PASA secretary will contact you to invite you to the next meeting. While it is not required that you attend the meeting, having a representative there to answer questions about your proposal will improve your chances of receiving the requested funding.