UMN Information Technology Office

The University Office of Information Technology (OIT) website offers general university IT resources. Links on the site can assist with accessing UMN Gmail or Moodle sites, syncing your UMN e-mail to your phone, or troubleshooting internet or technology issues. You can also purchase software such as the Microsoft Office Suite, ArcGIS, EndNote, Adobe products, Stata, and others through the UMN license for a discounted price (some software is even available for a limited term for free).


Humphrey IT

The Humphrey IT Services website provides Humphrey-specific technology support for printing, Humphrey computer labs, and video conferencing. The site also provides updates on Humphrey technology resources and maintenance.



There is a TechStop located conveniently near Humphrey, just through the tunnel on the bottom floor of Blegen Hall. This is your best resource for questions regarding a personal computer, laptop, or tablet. They can help you set up your UMN e-mail on your phone, troubleshoot wi-fi connectivity issues, or connect your laptop to the university VPN (more info on the VPN below).




Using the remote desktop, you can connect to the Humphrey server from your laptop or home desktop, giving you access to your university network drive (the Home [H:] and Open Home [O:] drives on campus computers). This also allows you to access certain software such as Stata and Nvivo. There are two steps to set up the remote desktop, listed below:

1) Virtual Private Network

The VPN establishes a secure connection to the University network. The VPN client must be installed BEFORE you can set up the remote desktop connection.

2) Remote desktop server

The remote desktop server is Humphrey-specific and allows you to access a version of the Humphrey school desktops from your personal computer.




OIT courses

OIT offers free in-person and online courses on a number of software programs and tech resources, such as Microsoft Excel, Moodle, Google Apps, and website creation and development.


Library research tools

The UMN library system provides tutorials and workshops on a number of research tools and citation manager programs.


U-Spatial workshops

U-Spatial provides free training courses on mapping and spatial research software including GIS, ArcGIS, SQL, and LiDAR. U-Spatial staff also run a GIS Help Desk and can consult on spatial research projects.




(Not all classes are taught every semester. Go to to check on whether a class is offered)

PA 5271: Geographic Information Systems: Applications in Planning and Policy Analysis

Students can expect to work with geospatial data in a lab environment, develop core skills in working with, manipulating and understanding geospatial data. Lectures explore the data types, origins, uses and limitations. Geographic Information Systems (GIS) are an important supportive technology for the fields of planning and public policy. Both fields involve exploring location-based issues and GIS facilitates spatial visualization of phenomena such as crime, poverty, pollution, health, land use, economics, environmental conditions and many others.


PA 5920: Skills Workshop – Data Visualization

Both an an introductory and an advanced course in data visualization are offered at Humphrey (varies by semester). The introductory course focuses on Microsoft Excel, whereas the advanced course begins with Excel and progresses to R, an open source statistical computing and graphics program.


PA 5925: Creating a Professional Online Portfolio

In this course, students will learn how to build a personal, electronic portfolio that reflects on the knowledge and skills learned in their courses at the Humphrey School, creates a connection that bridges from their resume to more in-depth details, and establishes realistic promotion of their professional selves. The series of topical sessions, activities and Webinars that comprise significant events during the course will inform and support your efforts to optimize your online visibility through eFolio as you interface it with your resume and extend the value of networking platforms that you may already participate in (such as LinkedIn).




Humphrey front desk

The Humphrey front desk (in HHH 130) have tech equipment for checkout such as audio recorders, laptops, presentation remotes, and Flip video cameras.


Library Media Services

Library Media Services has video and audio equipment and production software whcih can be checked out from Wilson Library (West Bank), Walter Library (East Bank), and Magrath Library (St. Paul).

For even more tech resources, hit the red “HELP” button on the left side of any course Moodle page.

*If there are resources that are not listed on this page which you think would be helpful to Humphrey students, please let us know on the PASA contact page.