College of Pharmacy Student Organizations



Twin Cities Only

It is open all years of pharmacy students. We are a group of students who want to take the things we have been given and give back to others. As a group, Agape has weekly Bible studies, offers local volunteer outreach and will be headed to Belize for a medical mission trip in January. We have no affiliation with any church. However, we are a group that is committed to following the life examples and ideals of Jesus Christ as explained in the Bible. While we are not a religion or church, our members are part of the Christian community. We are open to anyone who seeks to investigate, question or develop their faith in Christ. Feel free to contact any of the officers for details or go to the UofM Agape page on Facebook.



College Board

Duluth and Twin Cities: Current Website: 

College Board is the official student governing body within the College of Pharmacy. The Board is comprised of an executive council, two student representatives from each class, and one representative from each student organization. College Board takes students’ concerns to the next level. Our goals are to maintain and to improve quality of life for students at the College and to encourage intercampus collaboration and relations. We serve as the student voice to faculty and administration. College Board also sponsors the Duluth Days Aquarium Opening Event in September, Pharmacy Month in October, the Samuel W. Melendy lecture in early Spring, and Pharmacy Day in May.



Honor Council

Duluth and Twin Cities

The Honor Council is the student representation for the Honor Code. As you will read in the Honor Code itself, each student assumes a two-fold responsibility: everyone will personally uphold and abide by the rules and principles, as well as everyone will also ensure the rules and principles are upheld by all members of the College of Pharmacy. Additionally, the Honor Council is made up of elected student representatives from each class and is in place to anonymously investigate any case of a possible violation. The Honor Council is made up of four representatives per class on the Twin Cities campus and three representatives per class on the Duluth campus. The Associate Dean for Student Services acts as the Honor Council faculty advisor.



Kappa Epsilon Professional Fraternity

Twin Cities Only:

Kappa Epsilon at the University of Minnesota is the alpha chapter (we are the pharmacy school where KE was first founded!). Other details: Pharmacy fraternities aren’t just for guys. Dean Speedie is a KE alumni. KE is the smallest pharmacy fraternity (it IS possible to know everyone’s name). KE is involved with fundraising for breast cancer, the Minneapolis Hope Lodge, Relay for Life, hosting a spring bingo tournament, and more.



Kappa Psi Professional Fraternity


The Delta Psi chapter was chartered in 2005 after the opening of the Duluth campus. Professional activities include KEEP screenings, the Kidney Walk, Camp We-No-Wheeze for kids with asthma, and assisting with publication of the PharmaCOPA. Socially, the Brothers host a picnic, go skiing at Lutsen, and gather at Old Chicago after some meetings. Both chapters attend regional conclave meetings in the spring and fall and a national conference every two years.

Twin Cities

Kappa Psi is an international, professional pharmaceutical fraternity that was founded in 1879 and is comprised of students, faculty, and alumni. Kappa Psi is the nation’s largest and oldest pharmaceutical fraternity and is dedicated to the advancement of the profession of pharmacy, educationally and socially. Here at the University of Minnesota, the Epsilon chapter has been in existence since 1928. We provide our members with many opportunities to be professionally involved. Some of our current professional activities include: STI Talks – sexually transmitted disease awareness presentations at local high schools; Phillips Neighborhood Clinic – staffing a student-run, interdisciplinary clinic where we dispense medications, educate patients on their new medications, and provide drug information for the student clinicians; Camp SuperKids – staffing the pharmacy at a week long camp for kids with asthma; Ronald McDonald House – we raise money to support house projects and also sponsor meal for the residents; Kidney Early Evaluation Prevention (KEEP) – screening of high-risk populations for kidney disease; College of Pharmacy White Pages – publishing the college directory complete with students, faculty and staff contact information; PharmaCOPA – publishing the College of Pharmacy annual yearbook.




Minnesota Pharmacy Student Alliance (MPSA)

Duluth and Twin Cities:

MPSA is the professional organization at the University of Minnesota College of Pharmacy. As a member of MPSA you are a member of state and national pharmacy associations, such as the Minnesota Pharmacists Association and American Pharmacists Association. Membership entitles you to travel to state, regional and national meetings and events where you will meet pharmacists from various practices. You will also be able to attend education sessions, meet and network with possible employers, and get to know pharmacy students from around the country as well as receive publications and book discounts through your membership.



Multicultural Pharmacy Student Organization (MPSO)


Twin Cities:

The mission of our organization is to promote health education awareness to the community with an emphasis on the underserved populations, and to provide information on multicultural healthcare perspectives to future practitioners. Our members come from diverse ethnic backgrounds, religious and political beliefs.



Phi Delta Chi Professional Fraternity

Duluth and Twin Cities:

Phi Delta Chi is a coed, professional pharmacy fraternity with more than 70 chapters nationwide. Across the country, we stand to advance the science of pharmacy and its allied interests, and to foster and promote a fraternal spirit among its members. We fulfill this pledge by offering many opportunities to interact with the community (our future patients), as well as provide opportunities to connect and form relationships with current and future pharmacists.



Phi Lambda Sigma – Pharmacy Leadership Society

Duluth and Twin Cities::

Phi Lambda Sigma is the National Pharmacy Leadership Society. The University of Minnesota chapter, Alpha Phi, was founded in 1991. Our chapter was created to honor leaders who display outstanding involvement and commitment to the College of Pharmacy and to the profession of pharmacy. Our mission is to foster and recognize leaders and to support commitment towards leadership. Our goals are: to motivate and facilitate the acceptance of opportunities to serve in a leadership role, to develop and deliver programs and services to sustain leadership commitment, and to acknowledge leadership achievement and award membership to leaders as recommended by the Society.



Rho Chi Honor Society

Duluth and Twin Cities::

The Rho Chi Society is a National Honor Society for Pharmacy and is associated with scholastic achievement. The Rho Chi Society originated at the University of Michigan with the Alpha Chapter in 1922. In 1930, the Mu chapter at the University of Minnesota was founded and became the twelfth national chapter. Today, there are over seventy Rho Chi chapters nationwide. The goals of Rho Chi are to promote academic achievement and acknowledge students who have risen to the top of their class at both the professional and graduate levels. Every year Rho Chi selects students that have exhibited academic excellence and invites them to join the Mu chapter. An induction ceremony is held in the spring semester of the second professional year to honor its new second year inductees and their achievements.



UMD PharmD

Duluth Only

UMD PharmD Organization was founded in 2003 by students of the first class of pharmacy at the UMD campus. The main purpose of UMD PharmD is to develop and foster relationships between pharmacy students. We accomplish this by hosting social events and providing goods and services to the students and faculty at UMD. Some examples of these include mug sales, bumper sticker sales, textbook sales, wine and cheese social, fiesta night and the annual end-of-the-year party bus.



Academic Health Center Student Organizations


Center for Health Interprofessional Programming (CHIP/CHIP-D)

Duluth and Twin Cities::

During the next 4 years you will be given the tools necessary to become a pharmacist. Along the way you will realize the pharmacist’s essential role in the healthcare system and how important it is to be able to work well with other healthcare professionals. CHIP is an organization that provides opportunities for healthcare students to get to know each other and begin building the skills needed to work together in a healthcare team.



HOPE Clinic


Duluth Only:

Our Mission: The HOPE Clinic is a student-run, faculty-supervised teaching clinic whose mission is to provide access to medical care and act as a referral clinic for the underserved and uninsured populations in the Duluth area. In this way, patients without health care have the opportunity to make the HOPE Clinic a first step towards integrating themselves into the local health care system. Through the clinic, volunteers become aware of the needs of the uninsured, have the opportunity to develop inter-professional relationships across disciplines of medicine, practice interviewing and physical exam skills, and help patients with medication reviews andmedication education under the direction of physician and pharmacist mentors to promote health and improve the quality of life for patients.



Phillips Neighborhood Clinic


Twin Cities Only:

The Phillips Neighborhood Clinic (PNC) is a free clinic operated by University of Minnesota health professional students. Our mission is two-fold: To provide accessible, culturally appropriate, interdisciplinary health care services and education to reduce the burdens of poor medical access and raise the quality of life for our patients; and to provide health professional students with the skills they need to effectively and caringly serve people who are underinsured and unstably housed.


University Student Organizations


Duluth and Twin Cities::

Professional students use PSG as a forum to communicate and cooperate in promoting academic, social, professional, and economic aims. The PSG Congress represents students from the School of Dentistry, the Law School, the Medical School, the College of Pharmacy, the School of Public Health, the College of Veterinary Medicine, the School of Nursing, the Humphrey School of Public Affairs, and the Carlson School of Management MBA Association. Students from Dental Hygiene, Medical Technology, Mortuary Science, Occupational Therapy, and Physical Therapy college boards are also represented in PSG (by the Dental School and Medical School Councils, respectively).