Step 1: Does Your Dental Student Group Qualify for Funding?

Recognized groups can file for event funding. Verify your group is registered in the checklist on the right, if so you can proceed to Step 2. If you do not see your group on our list, please visit this site, or please contact us at to find out how to register. Bare in mind, these grants are voted on at monthly SODC meetings, so make sure to fill your request out far in advance of your prospective event date.

Recognized Student Groups

  • #2860: American Association of Public Health Dentistry Student Chapter
  • #2985: Sports Dentistry Club
  • #2685: Student Academy of General Dentistry (Student AGD)
  • #2771: American Academy of Pediatric Dentistry University of Minnesota Chapter
  • #3380: American Academy of Developmental Medicine and Dentistry – Minnesota Student Chapter
  • #1944: Hispanic Dental Association Student chapter at the School of Dentistry
  • #2865: The Minnesota Dental Student Research Group
  • #2686: Women’s Dental Association at the University of Minnesota
  • #2896: Dental Therapy Student Association
  • #1652: Student American Dental Hygenist Association (SADHA)
  • #2216: Christian Medical and Dental Student Association
  • #516: Minnesota Student District Dental Society
  • #3365: Tau Sigma Military Dental Club
  • #3088: American Dental Education Association for Students

Step 2: Fill Out Our Funding Request Form

In the event the automated funding request entry form below does confirm its submission, please use the Microsoft Word document link to the right which can be downloaded, edited, and emailed to the email listed in the instructions.

Funding Form

School of Dentistry Budget

Student Group Funding
DDS Class Funds $4000
ASDA $1000
DH Class Funds $500
DT Class Funds $300
WDA $250
Tau Sigma $200