Universal Grants Policies

Both Universal and Grant-Specific Policies

Every grant applicant must follow the Universal Grants Policies. In addition, an applicant must follow the grant-specific policies for the grant the applicant is applying for (listed on each grant's webpage). Make sure you read both sets of grants policies!
Universal Grants Policies

Grants Offered By PSG for 2017-2018

Academic Grants

  • $25,000 Total

Prof. Dev. Grants

  • $33,000 Total

Inter-council Grants

  • $30,000 Total

Social Grants

  • $20,000 Total

Grant Usage for 2017-2018

Number of Grants Awarded
Amount of Grant Funds Awarded
Academic Grant Usage 10%
Inter-council Grant Usage 30%
Professional Development Grant Usage 9%
Social Grant Usage 9%
Total Grant Usage 15%

Grant Testimonials

The event was to expose pharmacy students to different career options available in the profession. In our event, we had two informatic pharmacists that spoke about their profession and what they do on a daily basis. We are planning on having this type of lunch lecture every semester.
Rho Chi Honors Society, Social Event Grant Recipient
This was a great opportunity for all advocates and also new learners to the single payer movement. I was able to network with so many doctors and advocates who have been involved with the single payer movement for decades, as well as connect with students starting chapters in their own medical schools.
Alison, Professional Development Grant Recipient
Our event explored the intersection of LBGT rights and sports. Sports are a proxy for general acceptance in American life. Sports influence education and socialization. Our speakers discussed LGBT inclusion at all stages of competition – grade school through professional sports. From this conference, we will publish four academic articles as well as the keynote speech. It drew attendance from both professional and undergraduate students as well as individuals from the community.
Journal of Law and Inequality, Academic Grant Recipient