Professional Development Grants

Professional Development Grants help support on- and off-campus development opportunities for individual professional students.

Professional development grant applicants must adhere to PSG’s Universal Grants Policies. The following grant-specific policies also apply:

  1. Current professional students may apply for funding for events that further students’ professional development above and beyond the opportunities provided by a student’s educational program.
  2. Funding is not available for required research, internships, certificate programs, training programs, or classes taken for credit.
  3. Each professional student may receive up to $200 per year.
  4. Each professional student must provide an official letter/email that confirms registration for the event AND a screenshot that indicates that the student has paid the PSG fee for the semester in which they are applying.
  5. A decision regarding the grant approval will be made at the earliest session of Congress following the completion of an application.
  6. The grant will be disbursed after the student attends the event and the Government receives a complete evaluation form.
  7. A maximum of eight grants may be awarded for applications for attendance at the same event, which number may be increased at the discretion of the Government.
  8. Priority will be given to applicants according to the following:
    1. The timing and punctuality of the grant application.
    2. The student is representing the University by presenting research or scholarly work.
    3. The student has not received a Professional Development Grant for the year.
    4. The student’s seniority in his/her academic program.
    5. The student has submitted an overall higher quality grant application, taking into account the following:
      1. A plan to share learning from the event;
      2. Specificity regarding the benefits of attending the event;
      3. Demonstrated knowledge of the event;
      4. Plans to take as advantage of as much of an event’s activities as possible.
    6. In the event more than eight applications are received for a given event, the Cabinet will convene to determine priority according to the above factors. Those who are not given priority will be informed by email and may petition Congress to appropriate additional funding for their application. Congress may, in its discretion, award grant funding for more than eight applicants for one event in exceptional circumstances.

P.S.G.C. § 6.20(D).

Apply for a Professional Development Grant
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