Social Event Grants

Social Grants fund events that will enhance personal development of professional students and the professional student experience.

Social Event Grant applicants must adhere to PSG’s Universal Grants Policies. The following grant-specific policies also apply:

  1. Student groups may apply for funding for events that enhance the social experience for professional students at the University.
  2. Professional students are encouraged to develop professional relationships with student within their professional programs and the broader professional student body.
  3. Each student group may receive up to $2,500 per year.
  4. An interview with the Government will be scheduled with the student group after receiving a grant application.
  5. A decision regarding grant funding, if any, will be decided at the earliest session of Congress.
  6. The first half of a grant amount will be awarded prior to the event.  Once an evaluation form is completed, the second half of the grant will be awarded.  Actual total expenses must be at least 90% of the proposed total expenses as noted in the grant application in order to receive the full second half of the grant.

P.S.G.C. § 6.20(E).

Apply for a Social Event Grant
Complete an Evaluation Form