Iranian Identity in Perspective: A Lecture by Dr. Iraj Bashiri

The lecture is in English.

Q&A after the lecture.

Date: Thursday, April 21

Time: 7pm-8:30pm
Place: Nicholson Hall, Room 275
216 Pillsbury Dr SE, Minneapolis, 55455

Find more info on our facebook event page and Dr. Bashiri’s Wikipedia page. This event is free of charge.

Lecture description:
Iran has a long history, preceded by a rich mythology and still richer cosmology. The lecture examines Iranian identity under the Achaemenids and compares it to the eras of the Safavids and the Pahlavis. It is shown that Iran’s government under the divine right of kings has undergone changes in its intensity and mode, but not in its nature and structure. Even under the rule of the Jurisprudents the structure and nature of the government has remained unchanged.