Hello CoP!

You’re invited to the annual Pharmacy Day festivities! Classes are NOT scheduled this day, so be sure to join in on any part of the activities

When: Friday, April 28th; see itinerary below for times, including ongoing activities throughout the day–> see below for activity sign-ups

Where: Central Park Lexington East/Jaycees Shelter @ 2540 Lexington Ave N in Roseville


  • 8:00am: Arrive to park for 5K
  • 8:15am: 5K walk/run begins
  • 9:00am: Arrive for a light breakfast (COFFEE, donuts, fruit!); first-come-first-serve!
  • 10am: Volleyball and kickball tournaments begin
  • 11am: Sit & Stay Competition for Pups
  • 12pm: FREE catered barbecue lunch  
  • 1:30pm: Final kickball tournament
  • 3:00pm: Pharmacy Day ends

Ongoing activities throughout the day:

  • Treasure Hunt! Colored eggs will be placed throughout the park with prizes inside! Arrive early enough to grab prizes before they’re gone! Who will get the Golden Ticket??
  • Pup Competitions: Best Dressed, Most Athletic, and more!
  • Yard games: bean bag toss, ladder golf, bocce ball, and more classics.

Sign up for activities here!

We are excited to see everyone out in just a couple weeks!

The Pharmacy Day Committee