Executive Orders

The Executive Branch is Responsible for Running PSG and Representing Students

The Cabinet is the decision-making body of the Executive Branch. The President and the Cabinet issue Executive Orders to conduct official PSG business. The Executive Branch also actively represents professional students at the University in meetings with key leaders.
Executive Orders

Executive Members of the Cabinet

Rachel Cardwell
Rachel CardwellPresident
Rachel is a JD student at the University. As President, she is tasked with being the spokesperson for the organization, coordinating all PSG efforts, and representing the entire voice of the professional student body. In the past, Rachel has served as the head of a professional student organization and has extensive experience cultivating diverse teams for a gubernatorial campaign.
Keerthanaa Jeeva
Keerthanaa JeevaVice President
Keerthanaa Jeeva is a Masters in Public Health student at the School of Public Health (SPH). As the Vice President, she is tasked with with assisting the President in all PSG activities, along with representing the voice of the professional student body. In the past, she had been the President of SPH Student Senate and Speaker of the House of PSG.
Nicholas (Nico) Ratkowski
Nicholas (Nico) RatkowskiSecretary of Finance
Nico is a third year JD student at the University of Minnesota Law School. As Secretary of Finance, he oversees PSG’s spending and financial health.

Alison Key
Alison KeySecretary of Grants
Alison is a third​-​year ​medical student at the University. ​She is an MD/JD student who graduated from the law school in 2015. As secretary of Grants, ​Alison oversees PSG’s grant program. ​Her hobbies include playing in a handbell choir and co-hosting a hit podcast about the Minnesota Supreme Court.
Andrew Stone
Andrew StoneSecretary of Communications
Andrew is a second year public health student and is focused on improving the lives of older adults in the community setting. As the Secretary of Communications, Andrew oversees all PSG communications. Andrew has multiple years of experience both in communications role and in student government. Outside of school, Andrew enjoys reading, baking, and volunteering.
Joshua Preston
Joshua PrestonSecretary of the Regents
Joshua is a JD/MA dual-degree student at the Law School and Center for Bioethics. Currently, he serves as the Chair of the Student Representatives to the Board of Regents. As an undergraduate at the University of Minnesota, Morris, he served as the Student Senate Chair (2012) and co-founded the Minnesota Student Legislative Coalition (2012-13).
Matthew Berg
Matthew BergSecretary of the Senate
Matt is a second year MPP student at the Humphrey School of Public Affairs. As Secretary of the Senate, Matthew serves as a Student Representative to the University Student Senate, is a member of the Executive Council for Professional Student Government (PSG), and is a member of the Student Senate Consultative Committee (SSCC). Matt is also the Vice President of Public Affairs Student Association (PASA), the student council for the Humphrey School of Public Affairs, and is a representative to the PSG Congress.

Professional Student Government Ambassadors

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Appointed PSG Ambassadors Information

PSG Ambassadors are appointed by the President to serve on University and community committees.
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