Judicial Opinions

The Judicial Branch Is Headed By the Supreme Court

The Supreme Court is comprised of ten Student Justice seats, one for each Council in PSG. The Supreme Court issues opinions on cases and questions brought to it by students or PSG officials.
Judicial Opinions

Information About the PSG Courts

Seek the Supreme Court's Help

The PSG Supreme Court resolves issues involving professional students, PSG, or the Councils.

Information for Filing a Complaint or Response

If you would like to file a complaint, please complete the following form. You may also choose to write your own complaint and emailing it to PSG.

Online Complaint Form

Court Rules of Procedure

The PSG Courts follow certain rules for making a decision in a case, and all parties are expected to follow these rules.

Court Rules of Procedure

If you need to file a complaint or response, or would like to review the policies and procedures for PSG Courts, please visit the following link:

Procedural Rules

Professional Student Justices

Open Seat
Open SeatEducation Seat
Cresston Gackle
Cresston GackleLaw Seat
Elizabeth Clifton
Elizabeth CliftonBusiness Seat
John Kelsey
John KelseyMedicine Seat
Open Seat
Open SeatNursing Seat
Christina Carberry
Christina CarberryPublic Affairs Seat
Open Seat
Open SeatPharmacy Seat
Nate Caple
Nate CapleDentistry Seat
Jessica Leaf
Jessica LeafPublic Health Seat
Open Seat
Open SeatVeterinary Med. Seat