Two Carlson students, Max Hall and Dane Thomson, were elected to lead the University of Minnesota’s Professional Student Government as president and vice president, respectively. The two are uniquely positioned to lead PSG, as both are dual-degree professional students (Hall is a joint MBA-JD candidate, while Thomson is a joint MBA-MD candidate.

Says Hall,

We ran for president and vice president because we believe that PSG is able to make a truly positive impact on the lives of professional students at the university. As committed student advocates, we both think our previous experience has prepared us to be effective leaders and to help PSG accomplish its full potential. Next year, our overarching goal is to increase communication and collaboration across the professional schools. We are also planning to increase high-level strategic discussions regarding infrastructure and tuition for professional students, prioritize the accessibility of student wellness resources, promote increased diversity, and shape the role inter professional education across the various schools.