On Tuesday, April 26 the PSG Congressional Representatives gathered for the Eighth Session of Congress. PSG President Kyle Kroll kicked the meeting off with his final State of the Union Address. The address included a comprehensive summary of PSG’s activities, recommendations for improvements during the coming year, and a heartfelt thank you to PSG’s Cabinet, Judiciary, and Congress members for their leadership over the past year. Supreme Court Chief Justice Elizabeth Clifton gave the Court’s end-of-the-year report, which included highlights from the past year and areas of improvement for next year.

Congress confirmed 13 nominations to the PSG-COGS Committee on Mental Health as well as three new Executive Cabinet members. The new Secretary of Grants is Brynna Nelson (Pharmacy – Duluth), the Secretary of Finance is Michelle Rosas (Business), and the Secretary of Communications is Jargalmaa Erdenemandakh (Public Affairs).

Congress ratified the Registered Student Governance Association (RSGA) agreement that elevates PSG’s status from that of a student organization and formalizes our rights and responsibilities. Two resolutions were passed: the first was an act calling for PSG to receive this year’s level of fee funding next year and the second calls for a reduction in the amount professional student fees subsidize undergraduate activities. The Act to Support Free Speech was once again tabled for further discussion at the next Congress meeting in September. Congress also provided feedback on the proposed Student Conduct Code revisions, which can be found in the agenda. Finally, Erin Troedson (Public Affairs) was nominated and provisionally confirmed as the next Speaker of Congress.

For more information on the topics discussed during the Eighth Session of Congress, please see the agenda or this folder of documents. Thanks to all who served as representatives this year. Congress will reconvene in September.