On Tuesday, January 26 the professional student council Representatives gathered for the Fifth Session of Congress. Following an update from the Executive Cabinet and approval of grant funding, Congress discussed and approved a resolution disapproving of free rental of TCF Bank Stadium. Background on the July 12, 2014 incident in which TCF Bank Stadium was rented to the MLB at-cost, with no additional rental fee, can be found in the resolution. Congress confirmed John Kelsey of the Medical School Council as the Supreme Court’s sixth Justice. A new Elections Grant for funding Council and Government Presidential campaign materials was approved, allowing for $3,000 in total available funding. Information on the new grant, as well as application materials, can be found on the new Elections Grant webpage. In the coming weeks, Congress will be drafting a Bill of Rights that will grant certain basic rights to all professional student councils. Finally, Congress discussed, and ultimately decided not to, allow one student to apply for grant funding on behalf of multiple professional students.

For more information on the topics discussed during the Fifth Session of Congress, please see the agenda or this folder of documents. The Sixth Session of Congress will be held on Tuesday, February 23 at 5:30 p.m. in Coffman Memorial Union Board Room 307. All are invited to attend!