On Tuesday, February 23 the PSG Congressional Representatives gathered for the Sixth Session of Congress. The meeting began with a questions and answer session in which Provost Karen Hanson provided an overview of her responsibilities at the University, conveyed her delight at the successful transition from GAPSA to PSG, and discussed the possibility of defining learning and development outcomes for professional students. An advocate from The Aurora Center (TAC) presented an overview of services available to professional students facing sexual harassment or sexual assault. After the Q&A with Provost Hanson and TAC presentation, Congress passed a resolution to ensure all professional students access to mental health counseling and Representative Rose Olson (Medical School Council) provided an update on the Provost’s Committee on Mental Health.

For more information on the topics discussed during the Sixth Session of Congress, please see the agenda or this folder of documents. The Seventh Session of Congress will be held on Tuesday, March 22 at 5:30 p.m. in Coffman Memorial Union Board Room 307. All professional students are encouraged to attend!