Hello, my name is Kyle R. Kroll, and I am the President for Professional Student Government (PSG). To many of you, PSG is a new organization, but in actually, PSG is just a new name to a veteran organization known as GAPSA.

In May, 2015, after a student body referendum, GAPSA’s Assembly voted unanimously to change its name to PSG and remove the Council of Graduate Students from the federation. After COGS was removed, GAPSA’s member Councils included only those that represent professional students. Thus, GAPSA was rebranded as the official student government organization dedicated to representing and advancing the interests of professional students. And that’s what PSG is focused on doing this year and in the future!

PSG aims to improve upon GAPSA’s past successes. As you may know, GAPSA had one of the largest grants programs on campus. This year, we hope to continue that tradition by offering upwards of $85,000 in grants to professional students, student orgs, and member Councils. We know that our grants programs are central to the professional student experience and personal development.

We’re also hoping to improve the unity once present among the GAPSA member Councils. To do this, we’re focusing PSG to serve a facilitative and support role. We plan to provide funds and resources for member Councils to collaborate on events together, instead of just separately. In addition, we are improving our outreach to member Councils to learn what their common needs are. Once a mutual desire is found, we work to provide a solution. For example, we found that many of our member Councils wanted cheaper, easier, and more professional website space. So, we have been hard at work rolling out our new website, umnpsg.org/, which includes webpages for each member Council to treat as their home base online. We hope that by bringing Councils together in this way, we will also bring professional students together.

Lastly, we aim to improve on the advocacy efforts of past GAPSA administrations at both the University and the state and national capitals. With the inclusion of a new member Council this year, the Public Affairs Student Association (PASA), we are excited by the infusion of savvy talent from the Humphrey School of Public Affairs to aid in advocacy efforts. We are also working diligently to secure more seats on major University and community committees to expand our influential reach.

I know I speak for everyone at PSG when I say we are optimistic about this year. We very much hope to see you at the upcoming reception on homecoming; we’d love to hear your stories and advice from alumni such as yourself! Please feel free to keep in touch with us at psg@umn.edu from time to time!

Happy Regards,

Kyle R. Kroll

President of PSG